• Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-09-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:07

Music Video


  • Honestly.

    By INikkiWhite3210
    BTS, is a Kpop group that has worked their asses off to get to where theh are now. Everybody has different tastes in music, but seriously, you can only listen to Kpop or BTS if you don't put racism and discrimination in it and listen enjoy. Before all of you western stans, say this is what music is, tell me what's going on in the Western music world where we have trash rappers and people who are rude to their mothers that become rappers because their apparently "famous". These boys, can sing AND dance, also rap, all at once and you go compare it to someone who stands on stage and sings. Some a performers, like Beyonce but that's Beyonce. This is BTS. Stop, you don't have to be on here if you don't like Kpop. If you're not willing to try, there's no point. If you try and you don't like, you can simply say you don't but do not be racists towards anyone. BTS did not expect of want to promote any Western validation and did not expect to become big in America. They did not ask you to listen to them and be rude. Anyways, this comeback was different and gave us some different vibes. Some people love it, some people don't. Me, personally, I didn't feel the hype at first, which I don't know why. It didn't get the vibe like BST or Not Today got BUT as you listen and listen and enjoy the whole entier album and concept, you start loving it more and more until you've memorized every single song. It's different, colorful and sends great messages. As expected, I'm hyped to see what these talented angels will do for MAMA 18.

    By Ayeecx
  • YAY

    By mssomethingorother
    I’ve been waiting for it to be released since it came out. Love the song, love the video, love these 7 talented amazing guys!
  • Legends

    By FlowerChim45
    The visuals are beautiful they are all so talented! I love the bright colors! They have left me shook!!
  • 대박!!

    By Amy Jiangcrkkd

    By AsheshSingh
    Omg! This was AMAZING! I fangirled so much! How can haters say that they are not true artists they indeed are, if not then they would not win the BBMAS. I am so proud of you Bangtan Boys, they work so hard for us, they more than deserve our support and love, WHO AGREES WITH ME?
  • kings

    By btsareIengends200
    legends back at it again

    By thaleees
    What’s good?
  • Support BTS

    By JoenJungkook
    We love these guys because they are really tried hard every day, people who rate 1 star are jealousy with BTS because these guys are too talented and success in their life, people who don’t hate BTS better than look at themselves, they not even have a job, have a position in society and have much people love like BTS so why don’t you just shut up and let BTS alone ?
  • Amazing

    By armyblink4ever
    BTS never gets old