Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer

Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date:
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 17

  • β„— 2014 WaterTower Music


Title Artist Time
Dreaming of the Crash Hans Zimmer 3:55
Cornfield Chase Hans Zimmer 2:06
Dust Hans Zimmer 5:41
Day One Hans Zimmer 3:19
Stay Hans Zimmer 6:52
Message from Home Hans Zimmer 1:40
The Wormhole Hans Zimmer 1:30
Mountains Hans Zimmer 3:39
Afraid of Time Hans Zimmer 2:32
A Place Among the Stars Hans Zimmer 3:27
Running Out Hans Zimmer 1:57
I'm Going Home Hans Zimmer 5:48
Coward Hans Zimmer 8:26
Detach Hans Zimmer 6:42
S.T.A.Y. Hans Zimmer 6:23
Where We're Going Hans Zimmer 7:41


  • Perfection

    By Wondergirl2353
    Any negative comments I don’t know how they could write them Han Zimmer is an amazing composer and this lives up to his name! If I had to pick one track to live my life to or die with this would be it, this track is just so beautiful it makes me feel something every time I listen! Amazing!!
  • Goosebumps!!!

    By Odie_one
    I always thought that you could never replace John Williams or James Horner. I swear every piece I have ever heard by Hans moved me, especially the Gladiator Soundtrack. Then came this beautiful beautiful masterpiece. No words can say how this music moves you. A work of genius!
  • S.T.A.Y

    By Milesman2
    S.T.A.Y is amazing! It's just what this 11 year old needed! The song is perfect for the scene and it really touches the humans emotions. This movie is going to get a Oscar no doubt. - Mis6309
  • Slightly deceptive

    By Jo buffo
    Apple marketing cracks me up..they have the 16 song soundtrack in the $5.99 soundtrack section but don't put the full 24 song soundtrack in there,which is $5.99 as well. Why not just out the 24 song version in there? Glad I did the research and bought the 24 song version for the same price!
  • One of his best work

    By wndsrfgrl
    This soundetrack goes perfectly w the movie and I think Hans did a great job matching the music up with the scenes. Brings out the true emotions of the film.
  • Hate that the deluxe version came out 4 days later.

    By mixmasteraaron
    I bought this version without knowing that a new version would come out later. To get the new version, I’d have to pay either 11.99 to buy the whole album or 9.00 to buy the individual tracks. Had this been released originally, I would have bought this for only $2.00 more. Pretty disappointing to not be able to add these to my album. I will contact customer service to see what they can do.
  • His best work.

    By Veeeeector
    I've never felt that a movie and it's music have been so attached at this. I can't help but to say lines from the movie as it plays and personally feel the emotions the actor felt in the movie. It's incredible Hans...
  • incomplete

    By Hamilton77
    where's the paino versions that are in the movie and during the credits?
  • Masterpiece!!! 😍😍

    By Blockheads awesome
    The best movie soundtrack ever.
  • 1 Star? Why? Plz read...

    By Eddie509
    I'll keep this as short as possible. When I bought his album upon its release, I was eager to listen. I love this album! Hans Zimmer has outdone himself again. Why the 1 Star review then? Because I should've waited a few more days to buy it. Track 24 was missing on the release date. And now there's no way I or any other early buyers of this album can get it RIGHTFULLY free. We got scammed. And in order to get it, we have to buy it. We shouldn't have to. I love the album, but... Apple, double check your work next! I won't forget how disappointed I was. :(

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