Man of Steel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] - Hans Zimmer

Man of Steel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

Hans Zimmer

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date:
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 25

  • ℗ 2013 WaterTower Music


Title Artist Time
Look to the Stars Hans Zimmer 2:58
Oil Rig Hans Zimmer 1:45
Sent Here for a Reason Hans Zimmer 3:46
DNA Hans Zimmer 3:34
Goodbye My Son Hans Zimmer 2:01
If You Love These People Hans Zimmer 3:22
Krypton's Last Hans Zimmer 1:58
Terraforming Hans Zimmer 9:49
Tornado Hans Zimmer 2:53
You Die or I Do Hans Zimmer 3:13
Launch Hans Zimmer 2:36
Ignition Hans Zimmer 1:19
I Will Find Him Hans Zimmer 2:57
This Is Clark Kent Hans Zimmer 3:47
I Have So Many Questions Hans Zimmer 3:47
Flight Hans Zimmer 4:18
What Are You Going to Do When Hans Zimmer 5:27
Man of Steel Hans Zimmer 28:16
Are You Listening, Clark? Hans Zimmer 2:48
General Zod Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL 7:21
You Led Us Here Hans Zimmer 2:59
This Is Madness! Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL 3:48
Earth Hans Zimmer 6:11
Arcade Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL 7:25


  • A wonderous, living piece of music...

    By MCATT
    I only just saw the movie and i loved it partly because of this score. I am a huge huge fan of movie scores. I am a writer so I enjoy the emotional cues in music like this! I have been a Hans Zimmer fan since Gladiator. Ever since I see his name attached to a movie and I want to hear it. I don't listen to the raido, i don't listen to all that pop garbage that's out there, i like quality, and i like it when music makes me feel something. That's what this score does for me. Its uplifting, its wonderous, its awe inspiring. I am not entirely why so many people feel the need to compare to who ever it was they were comparing this score to. Infact I despise when people comapre almost anything. Your not even giving it a chance if all your doing is comparing it to whatever distant distorted memory your holding onto from 20, 30, 40 years ago. Nostalgia is fine and all but your robbing yourself of the beauty of this piece. You need to let go of all that. This music speaks for itself.
  • Fast Becoming My Favorite Album

    By Ship47onStrings
    This soundtrack is a triumphant embrace of testosterone that anyone can enjoy, both in the heroic (What Are You Going To Do...) and tragic (Arcade) sense-It's a whole lot of fun!
  • too much music missing

    By ThePhantomThieve
    Everytime Hans Zimmer releases a score you can expect that there will be music missing or edit and it sounds different than what you heard in the film. I hate that about his soundtracks.
  • so beautiful

    By Tony_boy0723
    This track is beyond amazing Hans Zimmer is one of my favorite composers. For some reason i cant find the track that plays when lois is escaping Zod's ship does anyone know what thats called because it is definitely a wish list item.
  • Hilariously Bad

    By Cicktrax
    Hans Zimmer has no grasp of subtlety or complexity — he scores films as if they were trailers. The purpose of music in a film is to uplift and enhance the drama. Zimmer merely attempts to “sell” what is on screen. Away from the films his music is even more unpleasant, where his blasting, simplistic power chords roll over the listener like a bulldozer. Zimmer is the musical equivalent of those annoying people who incessantly talk in loud voices, yet have nothing of substance to say.
  • One of the best

    By Noble679797
    This is Hans' second best score (next to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, of course). It's beautiful, uplifting and epic, all at the same time, but the three never clash. Hans yet again makes a score that is either done with an incredibly full orchestra, or very ambient music with a clear theme playing. It's incredible in every sense of the word
  • Flight

    By The complete end
    A showcase of the rise of The Man of Steel
  • Man of steel

    By lovingorca
    Great score, but there was a another song in the movie that didn't appear on this set. Seasons, by Chris Cornell. I would really like to see other songs that in a movie appear in these Soundtracks. Thx.
  • Fantastic Soundtrack for an OK movie

    By Squid0110
    The movie was overhyped and underwritten, but Hans Zimmer saves the day, delivering a score that is both written with great care and emotionally stirring. Hans Zimmer has officially joined the ranks of John Williams as one of the world’s greatest composers, and this soundtrack proves it!!
  • Best thing hans zimmer has ever done

    By Daniel@Spiderman3DS
    perfect theme for a modern superman

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