Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Remixes) - EP - Hans Zimmer

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Remixes) - EP

Hans Zimmer

  • Genre: Disney
  • Release Date:
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 2007 Walt Disney Records


Title Artist Time
Jack's Suite Hans Zimmer 6:48
Jack's Suite Hans Zimmer 3:36
Jack's Suite Hans Zimmer 6:01
Jack's Suite Hans Zimmer 3:45
Pirates Live Forever Hans Zimmer 5:43


  • Holy crap this is good!

    By 🎵ITunes player🎵
    The other's will never compare to this type of genera!.... i do love Disney things i do.... but this!... is.... better. >u<
  • Holy crap this suks

    By Mannyramirez333
    All i can say is... God WTF? This isnt music this is poorly made beats stuck with poorly made tecono sounds. Watever u do DONT BUY THIS!
  • Okay...um, not a chance.

    By pomigrinatotes
    Okay, well I'm speechless...but not in the good way. This album was pure disapointment to me. I can't understand why anyone on God's Green Earth would want to buy this album. First of all, wheres the Pirates of the Caribbean? All I hear is some messed up recording trash that has a little to much techno in it. Second, who is 'Paul Oakenfold' and what right does he have to screw up the POTC soundracks? I bet I could make a better soundtrack and sell it for dirt with just a toliet paper kazuu Third, don't the five junk songs sound so mind-drillingly similar? It's like the just change the name to a different title and hey! Another buck from suckers who will buy this cra.p Thanks for listening to my reveiw and I don't care if everyone hates me know cuz deep down, you know it's the truth! Good luck Mr. 'Paul Oakenfold' on trying to sell other peoples' cheap remixes online.
  • Uggh :P

    By popcornkernel
    Man, I was dissapointed! I thought that this would be great but, ick! I hate the remixes, It totally messes up the songs! :P:P:P:P:P:P:P

    By dude pirate
    heeeeelp! It wont let me download my songs!
  • Pirates rule

    By jennmusic
    This is a great album. Cool remixes!
  • Horrible!

    By Best music
    I hate This! if I were everyone in the world, This would have never been here! don't buy this, it's a waist of money!
  • How Lame

    By norcal123
    These guys take real music, hack it up for and try to make a buck off of genuine talent.
  • This Album Rocks On!

    By jack sparrow_
    I love this album! It Rocks on! I Especially like "Jack's Suite [The Crystal Method]" and "Jack's Suite [Paul Oakenfold Mix]" But I wish that they would put in the regular "Jack's Suite" and the regular "Pirates Live Forever" and just have it be a bit more money. If they make more Remixes I would really like that. I also think that there should be more than just 2 songs remixed like maybe take every song from the movie and make 5 remixes and then decide which one is the best. Also they should make maybe 1 or 2 music videos per album because just the regular visualizer gets boring after a while. I think than many more people would buy this album.
  • The other remix CD was better

    By isca10
    The only good techno/trance song on this album is the Paul Oakenfold mix, and then it can break the sound barrier. It is still a very good song. Just stand clear of the others.

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